WPS – Uninstall WPS6.1 silently in AIX

Compared with uninstalling WPS6.0, it is much easier to uninstall WPS6.1 silently on AIX.

IBM introduced more parameters for uninstall scripts. You can follow the steps

(1) stop All WPS6.1 processes.

(2) logon the WPS server with the user “root”

(3) go to the directory /IBM/WebSphere/ProcServer/uninstall.wbi

(4) run the following command:

./uninstall -OPT isUmbrellaUninstall=”true” -OPT removeProfilesOnUninstall=”true” -silent

the output should like this:

I       Process Type: uninstall
I       Install Type: nonOS400
I       Install Mode: silentMode
I       #Received OPT Properties
#Mon Feb 28 10:38:27 EST 2011

INSTCONFPARTIALSUCCESS: The profiles no longer exist, but errors occurred. For more information, consult /IBM/WebSphere/ProcServer/logs/manageprofiles/deleteAll.log.


you may see some alerts, but when you check the log file, you will see the the profile already removed.

<message>Returning with return code: INSTCONFSUCCESS</message>

and if you check the unistall log files at the directory /IBM/WebSphere/ProcServer/logs/uninstall, you will see uninstall is successful.

(Feb 28, 2011 10:49:00 AM), Process, com.ibm.ws.install.ni.ismp.actions.ISMPLogSuccessMessageAction, msg1, INSTCONFSUCCESS

At the same time, on AIX, you can run “lslpp -l |grep -i websphere” to check if the WebSphere package already removed

(5) remove the WebSphere directories.


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