WebSphere Process Server 7.0 silent installation (2)

2)     Install Update Installer on AIX OS

–    Go to Directory /IBM/cd_software/UPDI/

–    Run the command “gunzip” and “tar –xvf”

–    Go to Directory /IBM/cd_software/UPDI/UpdateInstaller

–    Run the command “cp responsefile.updiinstaller.txt  responsefile.updiinstaller.txt.bak”

–    Edit the file “responsefile.updiinstaller.txt” and set the following value

-OPT silentInstallLicenseAcceptance=”true”

-OPT installLocation=”/IBM/WebSphere/UpdateInstaller”

Uncomment the following options

-OPT allowNonRootSilentInstall=”true”

-OPT disableOSPrereqChecking=”true”

-OPT disableEarlyPrereqChecking=”true”

Comment all other options

–          Run the command “./install -options “responsefile.updiinstaller.txt” –silent” to install update installer

Or run this command to install:

./install -silent -OPT silentInstallLicenseAcceptance=true -OPT allowNonRootSilentInstall=true -OPT disableOSPrereqChecking=true -OPT installLocation=/IBM/WebSphere/UpdateInstaller

–          Go to Directory /IBM/WebSpehre/UpdateInstaller to check Update Installer version, it should be “

3)     Install WAS fixpacks using Update Installer

–    Go to Directory /IBM/WebSphere/UpdateInstaller/responsefiles

–    Run the command “cp install.txt installfix.txt”

–    Edit installfix.txt as the following:

-W maintenance.package=”/IBM/fixpack/7.0.0-WS-WAS-AixPPC32-FP0000017.pak;/IBM/fixpack/7.0.0-WS-WASSDK-AixPPC32-FP0000017.pak;/IBM/fi


-W product.location=”/IBM/WebSphere/ProcServer”

Uncoment the following options

-OPT checkFilePermissions=”true”

-OPT disableNonBlockingPrereqChecking=”true”

-OPT rootUserHasRunSlibcleanCommandSuccessfully=”true”

– Go to Directory /IBM/WebSphere/UpdateInstaller/bin, run the following command to apply the fixpacks

./update.sh -options responsefiles/installfix.txt –silent

Monitor /IBM/WebSphere/UpdateInstaller/logs/tmp/updatelog.txt for updating status.

– Go to Directory /IBM/WebSphere/ProcServer/bin, run the command “versionInfo.sh”, the version should be


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