Configure IHS Web Server on WAS or WPS

After installing IHS Web Server, we need to create a web server on WAS so that the application deployed on WAS server can be mapped to web server.

–          Logon to server WAS_HostServer with user “wasuser”, the user is used to run WebSphere Application Server instances

–          Go to directory /IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/bin

–          Download the file “” from IHS_HostServer, the file is at /IBM/HTTPServer/Plugins/bin

–          Edit the last line like this:


tion.jacl webserver1 IHS ‘/IBM/HTTPServer’ ‘/IBM/HTTPServer/conf/httpd.conf’ 80 MAP_NONE ‘/IBM/HTTPServer/Plugins’ unmanaged webserver1-node aix 8008  ihsadmin $IHS_ADMIN_PASSWORD_PARAMETER

I recommend to use “MAP_NONE” to replace “MAP_ALL”.

–          Run the shell script cellName  userid userpassword ihsadmin

userid and userpassword should be specified if global security is enabled.

–          logon to administrative console, then synchronize the nodes

–          Go to servers->server Types-> web servers, if the web server is running on IHS_Host, then the server status is running

–          if webserver1 status is stopped, we can start the web server1 through administrative console if http admin process is running on blue-devweb01.

–          Make the ihsadmin username and password is entered. Click “webserver1”, then click “Remote Web server management” at the right side. assure the port number, username and password are correct

–          Then select “webserver1” and click “Start” button to start web server, the server should be started.

–          Select “webserver1” and click “Generate Plug-in”, and then select “webserver1” again and  click “Propagate Plug-in”. we may see the following error:

“PLGC0049E: The propagation of the plug-in configuration file failed for the Web servers xxxxxxxxxx

–          the reason why it happened it because the permission issue

–          logon to server IHS_Host with user “wasuser”

–          go to directory /IBM/HTTPServer/Plugins/config/webserver1

–          make sure plugin-cfg.xml permission is 755 or 664

–          go to directory /IBM/HTTPServer/conf

–          edit the conf file admin.conf as following:

User wasuser

Group wasgroup

–          switch to root user

–          Go to directory /IBM/HTTPServer/bin

–          restart admin process: ./adminctl stop and ./adminctl start

–          the issue should be solved.



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